What are all of the Elemental Heroes in Yu-Gi-Oh? πŸ₯‡



First of all, there are 64 of them and it includes the extra Anime and Manga decks. So without further ado, here the Elemental Heroes from the Anime Main Deck: Avian, Bladeedge, Bubbleman, Clayman, Necroshade, Neo Bubbleman, Neos, Prisma, Sparkman and Wildheart. Manga Main Decks includes Flash, Heat, Ice Edge, Knopse, Lady Heat, Ocean, Poison Rose, Shadow Mist, Stratos, Voltic and Woodsman. The Anime Extra Deck: Air Neos, Aqua Neos, Chaos Neos, Darkbright, Dark Neos, Electrum, Flame Wingman, Flare Neos, Glow Neos, Grand Neos, Magma Neos, Marine Neos, Mariner, Mudballman, Necroid Shaman, Plasma Vice, Phoenix Enforcer, Rampart Blaster, Shining Flare Wingman, Shining Phoenix Enforcer, Steamhealer, Storm Neos, Tempest, Thunder Giant, Wild Cyclone, Wildedge and Wild Wingman. Now the Manga Extra Deck: Absolute Zero, Escuriado, Gaia, Great Tornado, Inferno, Nova Master, Terra Firma and The Shining. Plus the bonus ones from other decks and places: Blazeman, Captain Cold, Core, Honest Neos, Neos Alius, Neos Knight (from a movie) and Solidman.

It’s easy!