What are all Ben 10’s aliens, with their powers and weaknesses? 🥇



Here is the list of all 61 of them in alphabetical order:

1.Alien X. Powers: telekinesis, reality warping, self-duplication and shapeshifting. Weakness: too many personalities needed for agreement.

2.AmpFibian. P: stretchy limbs, exlectivity manipulation, intangibility, can breathe under water, flight, mind reading and certain level of telekinesis. W: can’t use telekinesis in water, not durable.

3.Arctiguana. P: ice breath. W: restriction on said ice breath

4.Armodrillo. P: can dig and generate earthquakes. W: electricity.

5.Astrodactyl.  P: energy blasts, super speed, corrosive gas immunity. W: electricity.

6.Atomix. P: control of nuclear energy, generation of blasts, flying. W: limited amount of energy.

7.Ball Weevil. P: plasma balls and whips. W: small size.

8.Big Chill. P: invisibility, flying, intangibility, cryokinesis, super speed. W: hypnosis and electricity.

9.Blitzwolfer. P: claws, sonic howl, agility, super strength, enhanced jumping. W: loud noise

10.Bloxx. P: super strength, regeneration, shapeshifting, durability, lego shooting. W: acid and limited durability.

11.Brainstorm. P: super intelligence, telekinesis, electro-magnetic manipulation, flight. W: his ego.

12.Bullfrag. P: super strength, stretchy tongue. W: his tongue hurts when stretched too long.

13.Buzzshock. P: flying, electrokinesis, self-duplication, electricity absorption. W: very weak electrokinesis.

14.Cannonbolt. P: durability, super speed and strength. W: he needs time to build up his strength.

15.ChamAlien. P: camouflage, wall climbing, stinger tail. W: visible shadow and tangible scent while camouflaged.

16.Chromastone. P: energy manipulation and absorption, flight, enhanced strength, near invulnerability. W: limited energy absorption.

17.Clockwork. P: various time manipulations. W: weak physical features.

18.Crashhopper. P: super jumping and strength. W: sticky substances.

19.Diamondhead. P: shapeshifting, energy reflection, regeneration, can shoot crystals. W: sonic attacks.

20.Ditto. P: self-duplication, agility. W: in the original series, if one duplicate died, all died.

21.Eatle. P: shoots out lasers after eating. W: none.

22.Echo Echo. P: self-duplication, sound manipulation, force fields, echolocation. W: weak physical attributes.

23.Eye Guy. P: 360 degree vision, optic lasers, enhanced hearing, fire and ice shoots. W: sonic attacks, vulnerable eyes.

24.Fasttrack. P: super speed. W: has trouble stopping.

25.Feedback. P: energy absorption, super speed, electricity generation, radiolocation. W: has to absorb energy to continue functioning.

26.Four Arms. P: super strength, enhanced speed and durability, shockwave generation, heat resistant. W: his size makes him an easy target from afar.

27.Frankenstrike. P: electrokinesis, super strength, lightning generation, electro-magnetic fields. W: electricity absorbers.

28.Ghostfreak. P: immune to energy absorption, intangibility, invisibility, levitation, can possess humans. W: can’t possess certain people.

29.Goop. P: flight, regeneration, underwater camouflage, certain gravity manipulation, acid generation. W: AGP reliant.

30.Gravattack. P: gravity manipulation due to him being a mini-planet. W: his car.

31.Grey Matter. P: super intelligence, underwater breathing. W: his small size.

32.Gutrot. P: creation of various gases. W: his gases affect anyone around him.

33.Heatblast. P: various pyrokinesis, flight, durability. W: water, limited heat.

34.Humungousaur. P: super strength, size shifting. W: limited strength.

35.Jetray. P: super speed, temporary paralysis, can breathe under water. W: easy to trap.

36.Jury Rigg. P: super inventor, genius. W: his physical attributes.

37.Kickin Hawk. P: martial arts fighter with enhanced speed, strength and durability. W: bad motor skills.

38.Lodestar. P: magnetism manipulation, enhanced strength, regeneration. W: non-magnetic things.

39.Mole-stache. P: shape shifting, flight, super strength. W: without the moustache, he’s pretty much useless.

40.Nanomech. P: can copy powers after hits, extremely small, can fly. W: his size is also his biggest weakness.

41.NRG. P: radiation manipulation, flight, intangibility, nearly indestructible armor, light generation, enhanced speed. W: carbon rods.

42.Pesky Dust. P: flying, dream and mind manipulation, sleep inducement. W: weak physical attributes.

43.Rath. P: super strength and durability, shockwave generation. W: his temper.

44.Ripjaws. P: super strength, claws, jaws, underwater breathing. W: can only be on land for a few minutes.

45.Shocksquatch. P: electrokinesis, super strength, force field creation. W: can’t do much against enemies immune to electricity.

46.Snare-Oh. P: regeneration, shapeshifting, flight, limb stretching. W: strong wind.

47.Spidermonkey. P: enhanced agility and strength, web creation. W: vulnerable to his own webs.

48.Stinkfly. P: goo generation, flight, sharp tail. W: water.49. Swampfire. P: fire generation, regeneration, plant manipulation, shapeshifting. W: can regenerate only to a certain extent.

50.Terraspin. P: wind manipulation, flight, immune to poisonous gases. W: can be prevented from flying or wind manipulation.

51.Toepick. P: extremely scary. W: none.52. The Worst. P: indestructible, healing factor. W: feels pain.

53.Upchuck: can eat almost anything and turn into energy or acid. W: has a limit of what he can eat.

54.Upgrade. P: technology upgrade, lasers, regeneration, shapeshifting. W: electricity and electro-magnetic waves.

55.Walkatrout. P: underwater breathing. W: none.

56.Water Hazard. P: hydrokinesis, near invulnerability, shield creation. W: energy attacks.

57.Way Big. P: gigantic size, cosmic rays shooting, physical strength. W: his fin.

58.Whampire. P: super strength, flight, hypnosis, mind control, sonic blasts, shapeshifting, life force draining, infra-red vision. W: light and heat.

59.Wildmutt. P: tracking, enhanced sense, agility. W: can get overwhelmed by strong smells.

60.Wildvine. P: thorn generation, seed bombs, super flexibility, immune to gases and hypnosis, camouflage. W: fire.

61. XLR8. P: super speed on any surface, tornado creation, enhanced strength. W: quite fragile. 

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